LeDerick Horne: Separate is not Equal in Special Education

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Continuous Improvement: Teacher Induction

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Pro Sessions: Whole-class Close Reading, with Ron Berger

In the inaugural episode of the “High Tech High Unboxed: Pro Sessions” podcast series, EL Education Chief Academic Officer Ron Berger explains how to help a class work together to make sense of an academic text that most adults would be unable to read on their own.

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Show Notes

Our other podcast episode featuring Ron Berger is “Ron Berger on the magic of beautiful lessons, and of “no lesson at all

Stacey Caillier’s interview with Ron Berger is “Crafting Beautiful Lessons: An Interview with Ron Berger

Resources from EL Education: In this video, Hillary Mills’ 11th grade biology class at Metropolitan Expeditionary Learning School in New York City grapples with a scientific figure taken from an article on TALEN gene therapy.

This video shows Peter Hill’s 8th grade science class at King Middle School (Portland, Maine) grappling with an article about how magnets and wires generate electricity.

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