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Groundwork: Brandy Williams is Starting a School for Exceptional Learners in New Orleans

In this episode, Alec talks to educator Brandy Williams, who came back to New Orleans ten years after evacuating from Hurricane Katrina, and realized she needed to start a school where kids like her son can thrive.

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Table of Contents:

1:25 Growing up in New Orleans’ Ninth Ward, and childhood trauma
2:16 College and Hurricane Katrina
2:55 Starting again in North Texas
3:30 Working at Wal Mart
4:07 Returning to college to finish her undergraduate degree
4:33 Brandy starts teaching math
5:22 Brandy becomes an English teacher
5:35 Brandy returns to New Orleans start an “Earn to Learn” program run by Tulane University
5:45 Why Brandy decided she had to start a new school: her son
9:30 How Brandy’s son’s experience changed how she looked at other students and parents
11:20 Brandy joins the 4.0 Schools Essentials program and starts planning her new school
11:40 The difference between “customer” and “user” for a school
12:30 Brandy’s first iteration: a school for twice-exceptional learners ONLY
14:10 Brandy’s vision for spread and scale of Generation Success Academy
14:45 Where Generation Success Academy is at in their development process now
15:40 How you pilot a school without actually opening a school
16:15 Which students the Generation Success Academy will serve
17:00 How they’re making this financially sustainable
18:00 Why and how to build a strong network

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