Two elementary school kids in writing conference

Ron Berger on the magic of beautiful lessons, and...

Student-drawn map of Congressional District 53

Electioneering Part 1: Linking Redistricting to Teens’ Own Lives

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“Did This Do Justice to What You’ve Learned?” Shelby Sember’s Slavery Diary Project

Student-painted watercolor portrait of the narrator of her fictionalized account of enslavement

Painting by Madeleine Tsoi

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Episode Notes

Shelby Sember’s project was inspired by the Library of Congress’s Voices Remembering Slavery collection. HBO produced a film based on interviews from this collection, called Unchained Memories.

The piece that Madeleine Tsoi wrote for the project, “The Escape”, is here.

The “Push-pull protocol” that Shelby used for writing conferences is here.

Our theme music is “Agassi (Into the Spider’s Web)” by Brother Hershel

This episode’s other music comes from Truxtun Road, which, it’s worth mentioning, was made by students and staff members at High Tech High Media Arts.

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